Trading & Horticulture

Delta Coal

A trading venture that was formed to synergise cost and generate value for our core businesses and associates. The company deals in Imported coal from South Africa and supplies same to various companies in the J&K State.

Western Textiles

We founded this firm in the year 1992 as we felt huge market for textiles in the state. The firm works as a bridge to bring in latest fashion and merchandise from textile hubs of India i.e. Mumbai, Surat and Amritsar. The firm since its inception has built one of the widest and strongest wholesale dealer networks in the state sharing a strong business relationship of almost 25 years now.
We worked with some of the well-known brands like Donear, Siyaram & OCM etc.

Apple Orchards

The Jammu and Kashmir Economy depends mostly on traditional form of occupation. Unaffected and unaltered by modern day industrial developments and changing times, the indigenous traditional occupations of farming and horticulture forms the backbone of the economy of the Jammu & Kashmir State. Covered on more than 50 acres of land and situated near Sopore town, high-quality apples are naturally grown and the business works on a direct line from the orchid to the customers.